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Return to Augie Hobble by Smith, Lane, author.

Return to Augie Hobble

New Mexico middle-schooler Augie Hobble grapples with adolescence, paranormal mysteries, an overdue Creative Arts project, and heartbreaking loss while working in his father's theme park, Fairy Tale Place.

May 27, 2015
Rebels of the lamp by Galvin, Michael M. B, author.

Rebels of the lamp

"Parker Quarry is only twelve years old, and he's about to enter a war that has been brewing for centuries. When his mother sends him to New Hampshire to stay with his cousin, Theo, Parker expects to be bored out of his mind. But then he stumbles across an ancient container--with a real genie inside--and life for Parker gets way more exciting. But there are those who seek to unleash the devastating power of the genies onto the world, and he may be humanity's only hope at surviving."--

May 27, 2015
Ratscalibur by Lieb, Josh.


"When Joey is bitten by a rat, he goes from aspiring seventh-grader to three-inch tall rodent, and unwittingly unlocks the sword Ratscalibur"--

May 27, 2015
Quidditch Through the Ages by Whisp, Kennilworthy/ Rowling, J. K.

Quidditch Through the Ages

May 27, 2015
Pop goes the circus! by Klise, Kate.

Pop goes the circus!

A misbehaving mouse, under the employ of Sir Sidney's Circus, finds adventure when a balloon carries him away and he meets a young runaway.

May 27, 2015
Poems in the attic by Grimes, Nikki.

Poems in the attic

A young girl learns much about her mother as she reads a collection of poems written before she was born that capture her mother's memories of living around the world and growing up as a child of an Air Force serviceperson. Includes author's note, list of Air Force bases, and explanation of the free verse and tanka poetry forms used.

May 27, 2015
Plants vs. zombies. Plant your path junior novel by West, Tracey, 1965- author.

Plants vs. zombies. Plant your path junior novel

"It's all fun and games until the zombies arrive. ... you decide how to escape from the zombie horde or lose your brains"--Page 4 of cover.

May 27, 2015
Pip Bartlett's Guide to magical creatures - a novel by Pearce, Jackson, author.

Pip Bartlett's Guide to magical creatures - a novel

Pip is spending the summer with her aunt. At first it's all fun, games, and chatting until Fuzzles appear and start bursting into flames.

May 27, 2015
Petlandia by Hannan, Peter, author.


Feline Madame Wigglesworth is outraged when her privileged position in the house is usurped by a mere dog, Grub, so she comes up with a plan to expel the humans and put the pets, namely herself, in charge--but their human-free realm soon dissolves into complete chaos as she and Grub and his lovestruck sidekick Honeybaked Hamster struggle for the presidency.

May 27, 2015
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by Barrie, J. M. (James Matthew), 1860-1937.

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

May 27, 2015
Origins of Olympus by O'Hearn, Kate.

Origins of Olympus

"A deadly plague has struck Olympus and is slowly aging and killing the Olympians. Emily can only stand by and watch as those she loves fade and die. But in one last desperate attempt to save those she loves, she journeys back to Earth to face the CRU, then back in time to confront Cronus, leader of the Titans and father of the gods"--

May 27, 2015
Original recipe by Young, Jessica (Jessica E.), author.

Original recipe

To win the school's cook-off and get a year of free pizza, Finley Flowers and her best friend Henry have to come up with a totally original recipe--the only problem is that neither of them has any idea how to cook.

May 27, 2015
Operation survival by Dixon, Franklin W.

Operation survival

Frank and Joe try to determine the cause of recent injuries and deaths at a camp for troubled teens in the wilderness surrounding Moosehead Lake in Maine.

May 27, 2015
Omega City by Peterfreund, Diana, author.

Omega City

May 27, 2015
Oliver Fibbs and the Giant Boy-Munching Bugs by Hartley, Steve/ Lum, Bernice (ILT)

Oliver Fibbs and the Giant Boy-Munching Bugs

May 27, 2015
Oliver Fibbs and the clash of the mega robots by Hartley, Steve. author.

Oliver Fibbs and the clash of the mega robots

Hi! I'm Oliver Tibbs, a mega-ordinary boy from a mega-brilliant family. Sometimes my life gets a little DAB - Dull and Boring so I get creative with the truth at Show and Tell. I guess that's why some people call me Oliver Fibbs! Right now I'm locked in a battle with the evil genius The Boffin, who has turned my nemesis, The Show-off, into a super robot who plans to take over the world! But I'm fighting back with a mega robot of my own! OK, maybe I'm exaggerating ...but as I keep telling everyon

May 27, 2015
Oliver Fibbs and the Abominable Snow Penguin by Hartley, Steve/ Lum, Bernice (ILT)

Oliver Fibbs and the Abominable Snow Penguin

May 27, 2015
Oliver Fibbs - Attack of the Alien Brain by Hartley, Steve/ Lum, Bernice (ILT)

Oliver Fibbs - Attack of the Alien Brain

May 27, 2015
Ohm vs. Amp by Ball, Nate.

Ohm vs. Amp

"Zack McGee has gotten in tons of trouble thanks to Amp, the four-inch-tall alien that crash-landed into his bedroom, but when Amp's commander, Ohm, comes to collect the stranded alien, it's Amp's turn in the hot seat!"--

May 27, 2015
Nooks & crannies by Lawson, Jessica, 1980-

Nooks & crannies

Eleven-year-old Tabitha Crum, whose parents were just about to abandon her, is invited to the country estate of a wealthy countess along with five other children and told that one of them will become her heir.

May 27, 2015