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Lost at Khe Sanh by Watkins, Steve, 1954- author.

Lost at Khe Sanh

"Anderson finds himself drawn to the old trunk of military relics in the basement of his family's junk shop again. His friends Greg and Julie warn him to stay away from it, but he can't help himself. This time Anderson discovers an old grenade with a strange message scratched into it. But an old grenade is dangerous...especially when the ghost of a soldier appears, claiming that it's his lucky grenade during his service in the Vietnam War. What does this ghost want from Anderson, Greg, and Juli

Mar 29, 2015
The lost prince by Myklusch, Matt.

The lost prince

When thirteen-year-old Dean Seaborne's latest spy mission for the Pirate King takes him to the mythical island of Zenhala, his life changes as he fights to prove that he is the island's long-lost prince.

Mar 29, 2015
Genuine Sweet by Harkey, Faith.

Genuine Sweet

Genuine Sweet, twelve, of tiny, impoverished Sass, Georgia, inherited the ability to grant any wish except her own but with help from new friends, her life and town are improving until unexpected trouble arrives and Genuine learns the difference between wishing for a better life and building one.

Mar 29, 2015
Princess in disguise by Baker, E. D.

Princess in disguise

When everything starts going wrong on Annie and Liam's wedding day, Queen Karolina decides that they need the help of her fairy godmother, Moonbeam, but a magical fog keeps messengers from leaving so Annie and Liam themselves set out to discover who ruined the wedding, and why.

Mar 29, 2015
Completely Clementine by Pennypacker, Sara, 1951- author.

Completely Clementine

Clementine faces changes at the end of her third grade year and anticipates the birth of her family's new baby.

Mar 29, 2015
Hidden treasure by Burkhart, Jessica, author.

Hidden treasure

When Princess Bella throws a farewell party for her cousin, her evil aunt shows up and demands that Bella find a magic crystal hidden in the castle or lose Glimmer forever.

Mar 29, 2015
Monstrous by Connolly, MarcyKate, author.


Kymera, who has a raven's wings, a snake's tail, and a cat's eyes and claws, loves the father who brought her back to life after a wizard killed her, but she begins to question his motives, especially after she connects with a boy in the town from which she is rescuing sick girls.

Mar 29, 2015
Gone Crazy in Alabama by Williams-Garcia, Rita

Gone Crazy in Alabama

Mar 29, 2015
Vacation dreams by Bentley, Sue, 1951-

Vacation dreams

"Becky's vacation isn't at all what she expected, and she is feeling lonely. But when she meets magical bunny Arrow, her summer starts looking up"--

Mar 29, 2015
Two steps back by Payton, Belle, author.

Two steps back

"Twintercepted! Alex is thrilled to find out she's won a contest to produce her own piece on the local news. What a great way to show her crush, high-schooler Luke, that she's supermature for her age! And then a juicy story falls in her lap. The Tiger Cubs' biggest rival is refusing to play Ava's team because she's a girl! Ava doesn't know what to do: Should her team not play, or should she spend this game on the bench? She does know one thing--she's not interested in being the subject of Alex'

Mar 29, 2015
Superman / An Origin Story by Manning, Matthew K, author.

Superman / An Origin Story

An alien orphan from the planet Krypton crash lands on Earth, and is adopted by a human couple--one day he will become Superman, defender of the people of Earth.

Mar 29, 2015
Willie & me - a baseball card adventure by Gutman, Dan, author.

Willie & me - a baseball card adventure

"Joe "Stosh" Stoshack uses his power to time travel using baseball cards to go back to 1951, when Bobby Thomson hit the famous Shot Heard Round the World home run to win the National League pennant for the New York Giants"--

Mar 29, 2015
Stone angel by Yolen, Jane, author.

Stone angel

While trying to escape with her family from the Nazis, a young Jewish French girl feels protected by angels.

Mar 29, 2015
A nightmare on Clown Street by Stine, R. L.

A nightmare on Clown Street

Joining his uncle for a summer at the circus, Ray becomes a clown-in-training, but strange things start happening and he wonders about a place called "Clown Street" that even the other clowns are afraid to go to.

Mar 29, 2015
InterWorld by Gaiman, Neil.


At nearly fifteen years of age, Joey Harker learns that he is a Walker, able to travel between dimensions, and soon joins a team of different versions of himself, each from another dimension, to fight the evil forces striving to conquer all the worlds.

Mar 29, 2015
You're mine, captain! by Stilton, Geronimo, author.

You're mine, captain!

When Space mouse Geronimo Stiltonix helps an alien spacecraft get back to its home planet, their queen becomes enchanted by Geronimo, and tries to force him to marry her and stay on the planet Flurkon forever.

Mar 29, 2015
Shivers!- The pirate who's afraid of everything by Bondor-Stone, Annabeth, author.

Shivers!- The pirate who's afraid of everything

"Shivers, the pirate who's afraid of everything, battles a giant squid, discovers hidden treasures, and gets pooped on by a pigeon to save his parents from the clutches of evil"--

Mar 28, 2015
Alexis's cupcake Cupid by Simon, Coco, author.

Alexis's cupcake Cupid

"He loves me, he loves me not...Alexis leaves a Valentine's Day surprise for her crush. Does he like her back? Despite objections from her Cupcake Club pals, Alexis makes a special valentine cupcake for her crush, Emma's older brother Matt, and leaves it for him next to his computer. Alexis is secretly hoping Matt will get the hint and give her a valentine, too. But ever since Alexis left the cupcake, Matt's been acting really uncomfortable around her. Does Matt want to be her valentine or doesn

Mar 28, 2015
The Great War - Stories Inspired by Items from the First World War by Kay, Jim (ILT)

The Great War - Stories Inspired by Items from the First World War

Mar 27, 2015
Pieces and Players by Balliett, Blue

Pieces and Players

Mar 27, 2015