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Medical illustrator by Yomtov, Nelson, author.

Medical illustrator

"Readers will learn what it takes to succeed as a medical illustrator. The book also explains the necessary educational steps, useful character traits, and daily job tasks related to this career, in the framework of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) movement. Photos, a glossary, and additional resources are included."--

Feb 8, 2016
Meerkats by Gregory, Josh, author.


"This book details the life and habits of meerkats"--

Feb 8, 2016
Megafast cars by Farndon, John.

Megafast cars

Feb 8, 2016
Megafast motorcycles by Farndon, John, author.

Megafast motorcycles

Feb 8, 2016
Megafast trucks by Farndon, John.

Megafast trucks

Feb 8, 2016
Mexico by Rudolph, Jessica.


Presents information about Mexico, discussing its geography, weather, wildlife, cities, history, languages, jobs, holidays, and food.

Feb 8, 2016
Mighty Mole and Super Soil by Quattlebaum, Mary.

Mighty Mole and Super Soil

"Although considered by some to be pests, moles are highly beneficial animals, very strong and remarkable in many ways. This picture book presents the fictional, yet scientifically accurate story of a mole. Back material presents educational activities for children and background information for parents and teachers"--

Feb 8, 2016
Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson by Cornell, Kari, author.

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson

"Markus Persson designed his first computer game when he was just eight years old. Learn how Persson's love of computers and design helped him the popular video game Minecraft."--

Feb 8, 2016
Missing Millie Benson - the secret case of the Nancy Drew ghostwriter and journalist by Rubini, Julie.

Missing Millie Benson - the secret case of the Nancy Drew ghostwriter and journalist

"Missing Millie Benson is as lively and compelling as a Nancy Drew Mystery Story. For anyone who loves Nancy, getting to know the woman who first brought her to life in this wonderful biography is not just a treat but a necessity an inspiration to young writers and sleuths alike!" Melanie Rehak, author of Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created HerGrowing up in Ladora, Iowa, Mildred "Millie" Benson had ample time to develop her imagination, sense of adventure, and independence. Millie

Feb 8, 2016
Missing! by Dicker, Katie, author.


"People go missing all the time. Some soon turn up, and others are found after long searches, but a few people are lost for ever."--

Feb 8, 2016
Monarch butterflies by Gregory, Josh, author.

Monarch butterflies

"This book details the life and habits of monarch butterflies"--

Feb 8, 2016
Moon bears by Newman, Mark, 1946-

Moon bears

With their big round ears, moon-shaped crescents, and irresistible personalities, there is plenty to love about moon bears. Full of fascinating facts, this book is brought to life with stunning photographs by renowned wildlife photographer Mark Newman.

Feb 4, 2016
Moray eel by Didier, Dominique A., author.

Moray eel

"Discover facts about moray eels, including physical features, habitat, life cycle, food, and threats to these ocean creatures. Photos, captions, and keywords supplement the narrative of this informational text"--

Feb 8, 2016
Mountain gorillas - powerful forest mammals by Hirsch, Rebecca E., author.

Mountain gorillas - powerful forest mammals

"This book covers information (life cycle, appearance, habitat) about the mountain gorilla. Each chapter discusses an aspect of the mountain gorilla's life, comparing the gorilla to a similar mammal and to a very different mammal."--

Feb 8, 2016
Mr. Okra Sells Fresh Fruits and Vegetables by Daley, Lashon/ Henriquez, Emile (ILT)

Mr. Okra Sells Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Feb 8, 2016
Ms. Spell by Long, Ethan.

Ms. Spell

Mrs Spell gives a fun-filled lesson in spelling, pointing out some common mistakes and confusions and giving tips for remembering how to spell certain words.

Feb 4, 2016
Myanmar by Mara, Wil.


Feb 8, 2016
New Zealand by Walsh Shepherd, Donna, author

New Zealand

Feb 8, 2016
Nicaragua by Kott, Jennifer, 1971- author.


Feb 8, 2016
Nice work, Franklin! by Jurmain, Suzanne, author.

Nice work, Franklin!

The story of a president who overcame both his personal challenges and the ones facing the nation.

Feb 6, 2016