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Peculiar plants. by

Peculiar plants.

Explores the role plants play in the environment, offers facts about unusual flowers and trees, and discusses how they protect themselves.

May 28, 2016
Poland by Heale, Jay.


Provides comprehensive information on the geography, history, wildlife, governmental structure, economy, cultural diversity, peoples, religion, and culture of Poland.

May 30, 2016
Portugal by Heale, Jay, author.


"Portugal is a country full of rich architecture, natural beauty, and history. Today, Portugal is also known for its culture, food, and its attraction as a tourist destination. This book highlights the beauty of the country and discusses its progress as a nation, from ancient times to present day, enabling readers to learn firsthand what makes Portugal what it is today. All books of the critically-acclaimed Cultures of the World series ensure an immersive experience by offering vibrant photograp

May 30, 2016
Rising above - how 11 athletes overcame challenges in their youth to become stars by Zuckerman, Gregory, author.

Rising above - how 11 athletes overcame challenges in their youth to become stars

"Athlete after athlete in this book found discipline, hope, and inspiration on the playing field, rising above their circumstances. Filled with first-hand accounts from stars who exemplify the idea of enduring at all costs, Rising Above will serve as a must-read source of inspiration for kids and sports fans of all ages"--

May 30, 2016
S is for s'mores - a camping alphabet by James, Helen Foster, 1951-

S is for s'mores - a camping alphabet

"Introduces camping from A to Z using poetry, prose, and illustrations in a children's picture book. Includes information on beach camping, canyons, foliage, camping gear, John Muir, Juliette Gordon Low, and more"--Provided by publisher.

May 30, 2016
See you later, procrastinator! - (get it done) by Espeland, Pamela, 1951-

See you later, procrastinator! - (get it done)

Provides ideas and tips to help kids kick the procrastination habit and feel more in charge of their life.

May 26, 2016
Smart shopping by Minden, Cecilia.

Smart shopping

May 28, 2016
Socks Are Like Pants, Cats Are Like Dogs by Rosenfeld, Malke

Socks Are Like Pants, Cats Are Like Dogs

May 30, 2016
Stickmen' s guide to trains and automobiles by Farndon, John, author.

Stickmen' s guide to trains and automobiles

"Whimsical stick figure guides take readers on a tour of various types of cars, motorcycles, and trains and how they work in this playful yet extremely informative guide to high-tech machines"--

May 30, 2016
Storks by Gish, Melissa, author.


"A look at storks, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their long legs, behaviors, relationships with humans, and their threatened status in the world today"--

May 28, 2016
Syria by South, Coleman, 1948- author.


"Syria is a country that has endured many struggles over the centuries. A place rich with history, today it experiences hardship on a daily basis and faces challenges that have become a global focus. This book explores the history, people, places, and culture that make up modern-day Syria. " -- Publisher's website.

May 30, 2016
Terriers by Murray, Laura K., 1989- author.


"A kindergarten-level introduction to terriers, covering their personalities, behaviors, life span, and such defining features as their paws"--

May 28, 2016
The handbook for storytime programs by Freeman, Judy, author.

The handbook for storytime programs

Along with its companion volume, The Handbook for Storytellers, this book represents an expansion and reworking of Caroline Feller Bauer's Handbook for Storytellers (1977). The two volumes include the best of the stories and ideas from the 1977 handbook, along with new stories, poems, songs, plays, and activities; annotated lists of stories and books; and related websites and technology tie-ins. This volume, The Handbook for Storytime Programs, is divided into two parts. In the first half, each

May 30, 2016
The hole story of the doughnut by Miller, Pat, 1951 May 28- author.

The hole story of the doughnut

"In 1843, 14-year old Hanson Gregory left his family home in Rockport, Maine and set sail as a cabin boy on the schooner Achorn, looking for high stakes adventure on the high seas. Little did he know that a boat load of hungry sailors, coupled with his knack for creative problem-solving, would yield one of the world's most prized pastries. At long last, here's the hole truth about the invention of the donut!"--

May 30, 2016
The penny pot by Murphy, Stuart J., 1942-

The penny pot

The face painting booth at the school fair provides plenty of opportunities to count combinations of coins adding up to fifty.

May 30, 2016
The Pueblo by Bedry, Christa, author.

The Pueblo

May 28, 2016
The three little pigs by Ross, Dev.

The three little pigs

A humorous retelling of the classic story recounts the fatal episodes in the lives of two foolish pigs and how the third pig managed to avoid the same fate.

May 30, 2016
The U.S. Constitution by Clay, Kathryn, author.

The U.S. Constitution

"Introduces young readers to primary sources related to the U.S. constitution"--

May 28, 2016
The unforgettable joke book by Cunningham, Sean, author.

The unforgettable joke book

Dory, Nemo, Marlin, and other fish share silly jokes and riddles about life in the sea.

May 30, 2016
The universe, black holes, and the Big Bang by Gifford, Clive, author.

The universe, black holes, and the Big Bang

"Travel back in time to the big bang, and learn about the formation of the universe. Explore the baffling world of black holes, and find out how scientists are searching for alien life. Discover the strangest sights of the universe, from quirky quasars to clouds that smell like raspberries."--

May 30, 2016