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A library book for Bear by Becker, Bonny, author.

A library book for Bear

Although he sees no need for more books to read, Bear agrees to accompany Mouse to the library.

Aug 27, 2014
Abigail by Rayner, Catherine, author, illustrator.


Abigail the giraffe wants to count the spots on her animal friends, Ladybug, Zebra, and Cheetah, but when they move too fast for counting, Abigail comes up with a new plan.

Sep 2, 2014
Ahmed and the feather girl by Ray, Jane, 1960-

Ahmed and the feather girl

One morning, Ahmed heard a cracking sound. The egg was hatching! He watched in amazement as the egg opened to reveal a beautiful little child...

Sep 2, 2014
Alexander, who's trying his best to be the best boy ever by Viorst, Judith.

Alexander, who's trying his best to be the best boy ever

After eating an entire box of doughnuts leads to consequences Alexander does not like, he decides to be the best boy ever for the rest of his life.

Sep 2, 2014
Always by Dodd, Emma, 1969- author, illustrator.


In rhyming text, a baby elephant is assured of being loved unconditionally.

Sep 2, 2014
Andrew draws by McPhail, David, 1940- author, illustrator.

Andrew draws

Andrew's scribbles with a crayon he found become better and better until he is making drawings so realistic that they come right off the page.

Aug 27, 2014
Baby bedtime by Fox, Mem, 1946- author.

Baby bedtime

"After all the kissing and the hugging and the rocking and the snuggling, there at last comes a time for sleeping"--

Sep 2, 2014
Barbie - bedtime story collection. by

Barbie - bedtime story collection.

Sep 2, 2014
Bats in the band by Lies, Brian, author, illustrator.

Bats in the band

When the weather warms up, bats take advantage of an empty theater to stage a concert.

Aug 31, 2014
Bear Sees Colors by Wilson, Karma/ Chapman, Jane (ILT)

Bear Sees Colors

Sep 2, 2014
Brothers by McPhail, David, 1940- author, illustrator.


Although two brothers are different in many ways, they are alike, too--most importantly, in their love for each other.

Sep 2, 2014
Catch that cookie! by Durand, Hallie.

Catch that cookie!

Marshall refuses to believe that gingerbread men can run, even after a series of clues leads his class on a riddle-filled gingerbread cookie hunt.

Sep 2, 2014
Copycat bear! by Sandall, Ellie, author, illustrator.

Copycat bear!

"Mango the bird has a 'ginormous' bear friend named Blue. To Mango's annoyance, Blue copies everything Mango does. One day, Mango has had enough of Blue's copying and flies off in a huff. But once she's on her own, she finds herself thinking only of Blue"--

Sep 2, 2014
Day dreamers - a journey of imagination by Martin, Emily Winfield, author, illustrator.

Day dreamers - a journey of imagination

"Scaled, horned, and feathered creatures are the mythical friends that carry children into their day dreams"--

Sep 2, 2014
Doug unplugs on the farm by Yaccarino, Dan.

Doug unplugs on the farm

"Doug the robot takes a hands-on approach to learning about farm life when the family car gets stuck in a ditch on the way to visit the grandbots"--

Aug 27, 2014
Earth space moon base by Price, Ben Joel, author, illustrator.

Earth space moon base

An unlikely trio lands on a planet and keeps the inhabitants at bay using bananas.

Sep 2, 2014
Elephantantrum! by Shields, Gillian.


"Ellie has everything, but she wants more. She wants an elephant. And she won't eat or sleep or brush her hair until she gets one! But when she finally gets her wish, the elephant decides to teach Ellie a thing or two about manners"--

Sep 2, 2014
Fiona's lace by Polacco, Patricia, author, illustrator.

Fiona's lace

"Fiona and her family moved from Ireland to Chicago to begin a new life. Yet, when the family is struck with misfortune, will Fiona's lace help save them?"--

Sep 2, 2014
First day at Zoo School by Dillard, Sarah, 1961- author, illustrator.

First day at Zoo School

"On the first day of school, vivacious Amanda the Panda meets anxious Alfred the Alligator. But when Amanda decides that Alfred would be the perfect best friend for her, the difference in their temperaments leads to hurt feelings"--

Sep 2, 2014
Flashlight by Boyd, Lizi, 1953- author.


In this story without words, a boy explores the woods after dark with a flashlight.

Sep 2, 2014