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10th Anniversary by Patterson, James, 1947-

10th Anniversary

Detective Lindsay Boxer's wedding plans are strained when a teenage mom is left for dead and her newborn is missing. Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano is in the midst of the daunting case and her career rests on making sure a woman who is accused of murdering her husband is found guilty. When Lindsay discovers that the defendant might be innocent, it puts her at odds with her best friend, Yuki, and her boss, who needs her to focus on the missing child.

Feb 25, 2015
2nd Chance by Patterson, James, 1947-

2nd Chance

Master of suspense James Patterson enters a horrifying underworld with this second thriller in his dazzling new Women's Murder Club series. When a little girl is shot on the steps of a San Francisco church, Detective Lindsay Boxer knows it's time to reconvene the Women's Murder Club. Working with Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas, assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt, and medical examiner Claire Washburn, Lindsay tracks a terrifying killer who soon tries to turn his pursuers into his next victims. The un

Feb 20, 2015
4th of July- a novel by Patterson, James, 1947-

4th of July- a novel

Detective Lindsay Boxer and the Women's Murder Club make a courageous return for their fourth and most chilling case ever-one that could easily be their last. In a late-night showdown after a near-fatal car chase, San Francisco police lieutenant Lindsay Boxer has to make an instantaneous decision: in self-defense, she fires her weapon-and sets off a chain of events that leaves a police force disgraced, an entire city divided, and a family destroyed. Now everything she's worked her entire life fo

Feb 21, 2015
6th Target, The by Patterson, James, 1947-

6th Target,  The

When a horrifying attack leaves one of the four members of the Women's Murder Club struggling for her life, the others fight to keep a madman behind bars before anyone else is hurt. And Lindsay Boxer and her new partner in the San Francisco police department run flat-out to stop a series of kidnappings that has electrified the city: children are being plucked off the streets together with their nannies-- but the kidnappers aren't demanding ransom. Amid uncertainty and rising panic, Lindsay juggl

Feb 23, 2015
7th Heaven by Patterson, James, 1947-

7th Heaven

A terrible fire in a wealthy suburban home leaves a married couple dead and Detective Lindsay Boxer and her partner Rich Conklin searching for clues. And after California's golden boy, Michael Campion has been missing for a month, there finally seems to be a lead in his case--a very devastating lead. As fire after fire consume couples in wealthy, comfortable homes, Lindsay and the Murder Club must race to find the arsonists responsible and get to the bottom of Michael Campion's disappearance. B

Feb 24, 2015
A dime a dozen by Clark, Mindy Starns.

A dime a dozen

When Callie Webber finally meets her boss, she is smitten. However, the romance must wait until she solves a case involving her late husband's family.

Feb 23, 2015
A drunkard's path by O'Donohue, Clare.

A drunkard's path

In the sleepy town of Archers Rest, Nell Fitzgerald is finishing her first quilt and preparing for her first date with the police chief, but she is stood up when the body of a murdered young woman has been discovered near the Hudson River. After a second body is found, Nell enlists the aid of her quilting circle to patch together clues.

Feb 23, 2015
A Paris apartment by Gable, Michelle.

A Paris apartment

"When April Vogt's boss tells her about the discoveries in a cramped, decrepit ninth arrondissement apartment, the Sotheby's continental furniture specialist does not hear the words "dust" or "rats" or "shuttered for seventy years." She hears Paris. She hears escape. Once in France, April quickly learns the apartment is not merely some rich hoarder's repository. Beneath the dust and cobwebs and stale perfumed air is a goldmine and not because of the actual gold (or painted ostrich eggs or mounte

Feb 23, 2015
A penny for your thoughts by Clark, Mindy Starns.

A penny for your thoughts

Callie Webber investigates charities for the J.O.S.H.U.A. Foundation, seeing if they are worthy of the generosity of her employer Tom. She goes to Philadelphia to present a friend of Tom with a check and finds the man dead. Tom wants her to look into his death. The dead man's family however has secrets to protect.

Feb 23, 2015
A Study in Scarlet by Doyle, Arthur Conan.

A Study in Scarlet

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's first novel—and the origin story of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson—is reimagined in the first unabridged, fully illustrated version since its debut, by acclaimed and bestselling illustrator Gris Grimly.The year is 1881. The city, London. A man lies dead in an empty house, not a mark upon him, and no clues—save for the word "RACHE" scrawled in blood on the wall above. Elsewhere, two men—a former army doctor called John Watson and a brilliant eccentric called Sherlock Hol

Feb 26, 2015
A summer of Sundays by Eland, Lindsay.

A summer of Sundays

Always lost in the shuffle of her large family, an eleven-year-old girl decides that this summer she'll make sure she stands out, and a discovery in the library basement may help.

Feb 23, 2015
Air bound by Feehan, Christine.

Air bound

The sisters of Sea Haven, bound by the heart and the magical power of the elements, return in this soul-stirring new novel from Christine Feehan, #1 -- Airiana fled the program, but she couldn't outrun the desperate members of a shadowy cabal who want her, who need her, who will kill to get her. Kidnapped and held aboard a ship bound for dangerous seas, her only chance for rescue is Maxim Prakenskii. He has his reasons for helping her, but he isn't about to reveal them to Airiana. Not yet. Not a

Feb 23, 2015
Bad News Nails by Santopolo, Jill.

Bad News Nails

When a know-it-all nemesis joins the Sparkle Spa salon, the Tanner sisters have to get creative to regain control! Trouble is coming to the Sparkle Spa, in the form of Aly Tanner's worst nightmare: her arch rival and nemesis since kindergarten is joining the salon! Know-it-all Suzy Davis has plenty of ideas about how the nail salon should be run and isn't shy about telling the sisters what to do and how to do it. How can Brooke and Aly get Suzy out of their hair—and their business?

Feb 26, 2015
Betrayed - a House of Night novel by Cast, P. C. author.

Betrayed - a House of Night novel

After settling in at the House of Night and becoming more comfortable with her vast powers, fledgling vampire Zoey Redbird faces a horrible crisis as human teenagers are becoming victims of a wave of murders and the House of Night becomes the prime suspect.

Feb 23, 2015
Big Nate. Great minds think alike by Peirce, Lincoln, author.

Big Nate. Great minds think alike

Two heads are better than one, except when they're crashing into each other! But that won't prevent Big Nate and his pals from hatching great ideas for fun. Nate Wright is a wisecracking 11-year-old who knows he's destined for greatness. Nate is the star of Big Nate, the comic strip that made its debut in 1991. Nate is a sixth-grade chess prodigy, a self-described genius, and the all-time record holder for detentions in school history. He's often in hot water with his teachers and classmates, bu

Feb 23, 2015
Bittersweet surrender a novel by Hunt, Diann.

Bittersweet surrender a novel

Carly Westlake spends her days at the spa she owns, dating a hunk and surrounded by chocolate-milk chocolate, her favorite--that she uses for the chocolate facials that made her spa famous. When long buried secrets threaten Carley's business and her friendship with business-partner Tom, it will take a miracle of grace to get Carley to finally make that bittersweet surrender to love and real life.

Feb 23, 2015
Blood Infernal The Order of the Sanguines Series by Rollins, James; Cantrell, Rebecca.

Blood Infernal The Order of the Sanguines Series

In a masterpiece of supernatural mystery and apocalyptic prophecy, New York TimesBlood Infernal The Blood GospelBlood Infernal

Feb 26, 2015
Bound by Flames A Night Prince Novel by Frost, Jeaniene.

Bound by Flames A Night Prince Novel

The climactic third novel in New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost's Night Prince series finds Vlad and his newly turned bride, Leila, at odds with each other—and vulnerable to the one vampire powerful enough to end the Dark Prince's reign . . .Play with fire, pay the priceLeila's years on the carnie circuit were certainly an education. What she didn't learn: how to be a vampire, or how to be married to the most famous vampire of them all. Adjusting to both has Leila teetering on a kn

Feb 26, 2015
Breach of trust by Ellis, David, 1967-

Breach of trust

Blaming himself for the deaths of his wife, his infant daughter, and an informant a year earlier, vigilante Jason Kolarich is forced by the FBI to bring down the organization of a corrupt governor of Illinois, a case that reveals devastating truths about his family's deaths.

Feb 23, 2015
Burned a fever novel by Moning, Karen Marie.

Burned a fever novel

MacKayla Lane and Dani "Mega" O'Malley are back with a vengeance in Burned, the seventh novel in the blockbuster Fever series from #1 New York Times bestselling sensation Karen Marie Moning.

Feb 23, 2015