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Second Chance Christmas by Butler, Ellen.

Second Chance Christmas

He'll take any chance to win her back...

Nov 19, 2015
Secret Santa Baby by Covington, Robin.

Secret Santa Baby

Secret Santa Baby by Robin CovingtonTessa Stoneman hasn't been able to get long-time friend and business partner Nicholas Boone out of her head since they shared a single kiss in college. Even when she dated Nicholas's best friend. Now that she's giving up her position at GameNerdz to strike out on her own—and now that she's single—maybe it's the right time to see if there's still something between them. Nicholas knows once Tessa leaves the company she helped found, they might drift apart. Befor

Nov 19, 2015
Shadow Fall by Griffin, Laura.

Shadow Fall

In the ninth romantic suspense novel in the -- Shadow Fall The Romance Reviews).

Nov 19, 2015
Shyness and Dignity by Solstad, Dag.

Shyness and Dignity

An Ibsen scholar falls desperately out of society—publication coinciding with Ibsen's 100th anniversary celebrationsShyness and Dignity,

Nov 19, 2015
Silver on the road by Gilman, Laura Anne, author.

Silver on the road

A heroic fantasy by an award-winning author about a young woman who is trained in the art of the sinister hand of magic, but at what price? Isobel, upon her sixteenth birthday, makes the choice to work for the devil in his territory west of the Mississippi. But this is not the devil you know. This is a being who deals fairly with immense{u2014}but not unlimited{u2014}power, who offers opportunities to people who want to make a deal, and they always get what they deserve. But his land is a wild w

Nov 20, 2015
Simon's Cat Off to the Vet . . . and Other Cat-astrophes by Unknown.

Simon's Cat Off to the Vet . . . and Other Cat-astrophes

" -- Simon's Cat: Off to the Vet-- -- -- The Cat on my Head "Laugh-out-loud funny like all of Tofield's work, this book features 240 pages of hilarious new gags and adventures featuring Simon's Cat and his friends....This book will delight cat lovers, and makes a great stocking stuffer." -- -- Simon's Cat Off to the Vet...and Other Cat-astrophes Says Tofield: "Taking my naughty cat to the vet is one of the most requested film ideas from our fans. It was because of this that I started work on a

Nov 19, 2015
Sin on the Strip by Farago, Lucy.

Sin on the Strip

-- Sin On The Strip "Lucy Farago has an eye for detail, a heart for romance, and a voice as layered as her plot and characters!"--Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Nov 19, 2015
Siren's call by Castle, Jayne.

Siren's call

In the alien catacombs of Rainshadow, there are creatures whose compelling songs lure the unwary to their death. That's why Rafe Coppersmith, hired to clear out the catacombs for exploration, needs a music talent. He's knows the perfect one, but she probably doesn't want anything do with him... Ella Morgan had once fallen hard and fast for Rafe, but then he disappeared for months...and he's not about to tell her why. Ella, too, has secrets that only her dust bunny knows. She's not just a music t

Nov 20, 2015
Slashed An Extreme Risk Novel by Wolff, Tracy.

Slashed An Extreme Risk Novel

-- Praise for -- —Becky on Books and Quilts   "Slashed   "Did I mention it's also a second chance romance!? Just slay me now. I didn't put the book down even once."—Wild Heart Reviews

Nov 19, 2015
Snowbound at Christmas by Mason, Debbie.

Snowbound at Christmas

"Christmas, Colorado, will get you in the spirit for love all year long." --- Jill Shalvis, New York Times Surviving the holidays will take a Christmas miracle . . .Ex-cop Cat O'Connor is bored working for her sister, Chloe, as a personal assistant on the set of her soap opera. Until Chloe gets an opportunity to audition for the role of a lifetime and asks her identical twin to substitute for her on the soap with no one the wiser. It's a perfect switch-until Cat attracts the attention of the mys

Nov 19, 2015
Snowflake Bay by Kauffman, Donna.

Snowflake Bay

--   Interior designer Fiona McCrae has left fast-paced Manhattan to move back home to peaceful Blueberry Cove. But she's barely arrived before she's hooked into planning her big sister Hannah's Christmas wedding—in -- Something old might just become something new…   Includes a DIY wedding project!

Nov 19, 2015
Soccer mania by O'Connor, Jane, author.

Soccer mania

As her third-grade class makes its selections for the "Graveyard of Boring Words" and learns about "superb synonyms," slow-footed Nancy enthusiastically plays on the soccer team, with the goal of just being mediocre, or maybe even a little better than average.

Nov 22, 2015
Something beautiful - a novella by McGuire, Jamie, author.

Something beautiful - a novella

America Mason, a sassy undergrad at Eastern State University, is in love with a Maddox -- Shepley Maddox. Unlike his cousins, Shepley is more lover than fighter, but a road trip to her parents' home in Wichita, Kansas could mean the next step, or the end of everything.

Nov 20, 2015
Speak The Dead by McKenzie, Grant.

Speak The Dead

When Sally Blue was six years old, sleeping peacefully in her bed, a gunshot woke her up and subsequently ripped her world apart. Jolted awake by the scary noise, Sally ran to her parent's bedroom for comfort. Instead, she found her mother slumped against the headboard, her ravaged nightdress drenched from a double-barreled wound. Climbing on the bed, Sally cradled her mother's head against her tiny chest, mindless of the blood and the cloying stench of death. There was no sign of her father,

Nov 19, 2015
Stars of fortune by Roberts, Nora, author.

Stars of fortune

"To celebrate the rise of their new queen, three goddesses of the moon created three stars, one of fire, one of ice, one of water. But then they fell from the sky, putting the fate of all worlds in danger. And now three women and three men join forces to pick up the pieces... Sasha Riggs is a reclusive artist, haunted by dreams and nightmares that she turns into extraordinary paintings. Her visions lead her to the Greek island of Corfu, where five others have been lured to seek the fire star. Sa

Nov 22, 2015
Still the one by Shalvis, Jill, author.

Still the one

Darcy Stone is game for anything -- except sexy Navy vet and physical therapist AJ Colten, the guy who'd rejected her when she'd needed him most. Now the shoe is on the other foot and he needs her to play nice and help him secure grants for his patients. Unfortunately Darcy can't refuse. She needs the money to fund her passion project: rescuing S&R dogs and placing them with emotionally wounded soldiers.

Nov 20, 2015
Succession A Novel by Michael, Livi.

Succession A Novel

1445. King Henry VI is married by proxy to Margaret of Anjou. French, beautiful and unpopular, her marriage causes a national uproar.At the same time, the infant Margaret Beaufort is made a great heiress and suddenly becomes the most important commodity in the nation. Her childhood is lived in remote, echoing castles, while everyone at King Henry's court competes to be her guardian and engineer an advantageous alliance with her uncle, the Duke of Somerset.With the collapse of Henry VI's hold on

Nov 19, 2015
Super Schnoz and the Invasion of the Snore Snatchers by Urey, Gary.

Super Schnoz and the Invasion of the Snore Snatchers

Andy Whiffler—aka Super Schnoz—is the world's loudest snorer. His snoring is so thunderous that on most nights it registers a 4.5 on the Richter scale. However, the most dangerous effect of Super Schnoz's snoring happens in outer space, millions of light-years away, where aliens are harvesting his snores to prepare for an invasion of Earth!

Nov 19, 2015
Take Me Home by Wall, Candi.

Take Me Home

She's beautiful. Sexy. Important. Now all he has to do is make her believe it.

Nov 19, 2015
The After-Room by Meloy, Maile.

The After-Room

It's 1955, and Benjamin Burrows and Janie Scott are trying to live a safe, normal life in America. It's not easy, when they have the power to prevent nuclear disaster, and sinister forces are circling. Soon the advice of a mysterious, unscrupulous magician propels Janie and Benjamin into danger, and toward the land of the dead.    Meanwhile, their friend Jin Lo washes up on a remote island where an American spy is stationed, and finds herself on the trail of a deadly threat in China. But she's

Nov 19, 2015