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Philomena - a mother, her son, and a fifty-year search by Sixsmith, Martin, author.

Philomena - a mother, her son, and a fifty-year search

Feb 23, 2015
A penny for your thoughts by Clark, Mindy Starns.

A penny for your thoughts

Callie Webber investigates charities for the J.O.S.H.U.A. Foundation, seeing if they are worthy of the generosity of her employer Tom. She goes to Philadelphia to present a friend of Tom with a check and finds the man dead. Tom wants her to look into his death. The dead man's family however has secrets to protect.

Feb 23, 2015
A Paris apartment by Gable, Michelle.

A Paris apartment

"When April Vogt's boss tells her about the discoveries in a cramped, decrepit ninth arrondissement apartment, the Sotheby's continental furniture specialist does not hear the words "dust" or "rats" or "shuttered for seventy years." She hears Paris. She hears escape. Once in France, April quickly learns the apartment is not merely some rich hoarder's repository. Beneath the dust and cobwebs and stale perfumed air is a goldmine and not because of the actual gold (or painted ostrich eggs or mounte

Feb 23, 2015
One perfect spring - a novel by Hannon, Irene.

One perfect spring - a novel

Claire Summers is a determined, independent single mother who is doing her best to make lemonade out of the lemons life has handed her. Keith Watson is a results-oriented workaholic with no time for a social life. As the executive assistant to a local philanthropic businessman, he's used to fielding requests for donations. But when a letter from Claire's eleven-year-old daughter reaches his desk, everything changes. The girl isn't asking for money, but for help finding the long-lost son of an el

Feb 23, 2015
On what grounds by Coyle, Cleo.

On what grounds

Introducing a delightful new series featuring Carolyn Cosi, manager of the historic Village Blend, where coffee and crime are always brewing...

Feb 23, 2015
Heart's safe passage a novel by Eakes, Laurie Alice.

Heart's safe passage a novel

"All Phoebe Lee wants out of life is to practice midwifery in Loudon County, Virginia. But when she refuses to accompany her pregant sister-in-law to help save her husband from prison during the War of 1812, Phoebe finds herself pressed aboard a British privateer."--P. [4] of cover.

Feb 23, 2015
Menu for romance love heats up for the chef and party planner by Dacus, Kaye, 1971-

Menu for romance love heats up for the chef and party planner

After eight years of unrequited love, wedding planner Meredith decides it's time to move on. When the handsome contractor she hires asks her out, it looks like the answers to her prayers. When chef Major O'Hara sees he's about to lose her, can he concoct a menu for romance to win her back? Will God serve up a solution before it's too late?

Feb 23, 2015
Lady in the mist a novel by Eakes, Laurie Alice.

Lady in the mist a novel

Midwife Tabitha Eckles is the keeper of many secrets: the names of fathers of illegitimate children, the level of love and harmony within many a marriage, and now the identity of a man who may have caused his wife's death. Dominick Cherrett is a man with his own secret to keep: namely, what he, a British nobleman, is doing on American soil working as a bondsman in the home of Mayor Kendall, a Southern gentleman with his eye on a higher office.

Feb 23, 2015
Merry, merry ghost by Hart, Carolyn G.

Merry, merry ghost

When a determined heir moves to block a wealthy woman's attempt to include her newly discovered grandson in her will, it is up to good-intentioned ghost Bailey Ruth Raeburn to protect a little boy, foil a murderer, and save Christmas.

Feb 23, 2015
On a beam of light a story of Albert Einstein by Berne, Jennifer.

On a beam of light a story of Albert Einstein

A boy rides a bicycle down a dusty road. But in his mind, he envisions himself traveling at a speed beyond imagining, on a beam of light. This brilliant mind will one day offer up some of the most revolutionary ideas ever conceived. From a boy endlessly fascinated by the wonders around him, Albert Einstein ultimately grows into a man of genius recognized the world over for profoundly illuminating our understanding of the universe. Jennifer Berne and Vladimir Radunsky invite the reader to travel

Feb 23, 2015
Safe haven by Alexander, Hannah.

Safe haven

When a young teenager comes to town bringing danger with her, its up to Hideaway's Dr. Karah Lee Fletcher and ranger Taylor Jackson to keep her safe.

Feb 23, 2015
Sabotaged by Pettrey, Dani.


"Growing up in Yancey, Alaska, Kirra Jacobs and Reef McKenna were always at odds; now working together to stop an ecoterrorist threatening the Iditarod and Alaskan lives, Kirra and the entire McKenna family attempt to prevent tragedy in this final book of the ALASKAN COURAGE series"--

Feb 23, 2015
RV there yet? by Hunt, Diann.

RV there yet?

"When three women learn that the camp of their youth is being shut down, these road warriors take to the streets--and interstates--in an old Winnebago to rescue their memories and restore the campsite. Little do they know that bears, chiggers, laughs, and love await them on the road ahead."--Publisher's description.

Feb 23, 2015
The renegade hunter a Rogue hunter novel by Sands, Lynsay.

The renegade hunter a Rogue hunter novel

Nicholas Argeneau went rogue after the death of his life mate fifty years ago, but he's never stopped hunting for the evil vampires that torment mortals. He's tracked one of them to the enforcer house, and when he finds a woman in danger, all of Nicholas' protective instincts kicked in. Before he knows it, he's kissing her senseless. But life on the run is all he has to offer ... or is it?

Feb 23, 2015
Raptor 6. by Kendig, Ronie.

Raptor 6.

Captain Dean Watters keeps his mission and his team in the forefront of his laser-like focus. So when these two things are threatened by hackers, Dean's Special Forces training kicks into high gear. Failing to stop the hackers from stealing national security secrets from the military's secure computers and networks isn't an option. Zahrah Zarrick is a missionary teacher to Afghan children in Mazar-e Sharif. And a target. When Zahrah is captured because of her expertise in quantum cryptology, end

Feb 23, 2015
The old blue line - a Joanna Brady novella by Jance, Judith A., author.

The old blue line - a Joanna Brady novella

Butch Dixon has been taken for a ride Not a jump in the car, see the sights kind of ride. He's been taken for everything he has. He's lost his house, his restaurant business, his savings, his car, his best friend, his faith--all to his conniving ex-wife. But that was seven years ago. He picked himself up, left Chicago, and started over in Peoria, Arizona, running the Roundhouse Bar and Grill. He doesn't look back on those bad years; there's no point. Not until two curious cops show up at the Rou

Feb 23, 2015
Stand-in groom by Dacus, Kaye, 1971-

Stand-in groom

Falling in love with a client could cost this wedding planner her business. Learning the true identity of the groom could cost her heart.

Feb 23, 2015
The nightingale by Hannah, Kristin, author.

The nightingale

"An epic love story and family drama set at the dawn of World War II"--Provided by publisher.

Feb 23, 2015
Mitosis - a reckoners story by Sanderson, Brandon, author.

Mitosis - a reckoners story

From New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson's action-packed novel Steelheart comes Mitosis, a short story set in the world of The Reckoners series, exclusively available in the digital format. Epics still plague Newcago, but David and the Reckoners have vowed to fight back. Catch all the action before, Firefight, the exciting sequel to Steelheart, hits shelves in fall 2014.

Feb 23, 2015
Silent pledge by Alexander, Hannah.

Silent pledge

Dr. Mercy Richmond struggles to balance her roles as a single mother and busy physician whose patients have nowhere else to go. Her small Missouri town has no E.R. and Mercy is overwhelmed by the sick, the injured and the personal problems they bring into her clinic--and her life. If she thought her schedule would help her forget Lukas Bower, the handsome doctor she believes betrayed her, she was wrong. A new Christian, Mercy must make a decision that will change four lives forever--including he

Feb 23, 2015