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The invincible Iron Man. Vol. 1, The five nightmares by Fraction, Matt.

The invincible Iron Man. Vol. 1, The five nightmares

Collects no. 1-7 from the comic series "The Invincible Iron Man," in which Tony Stark travels to exotic locations with Pepper Pots to fight against Ezekiel Stane, who has manipulated Stark's technologies in his plot to avenge his fallen father, Obadiah.

Jun 25, 2016
The invincible Iron Man. Vol. 3, World's most wanted. Book 2 by Fraction, Matt.

The invincible Iron Man. Vol. 3, World's most wanted. Book 2

Tony Stark is in danger of losing his mind after his leadership role with S.H.I.E.L.D. is dropped and he is forced to go on the run when Norman Osborn's Dark Reign declares him their most wanted fugitive.

Jun 25, 2016
Superhero instruction manual by Dempsey, Kristy, author.

Superhero instruction manual

A little boy who is disappointed by the seven steps in his Superhero Instruction Guide gets a glimpse of true heroism.

Jun 25, 2016
The tycoon's rebel bride by Hidaka, Nanao, illustrator.

The tycoon's rebel bride

Isabella has been carefully cultivating her love for the Anetakis family's middle son, Theron, since she was a little girl. Their fathers had been close friends, but when they passed away, she found that her wealthy Greek love had inherited responsibility of her well-being. Now she has her chance. She's determined that he will never treat her like a little girl again. She tosses all her innocent clothes aside and transforms herself into a woman too sexy to resist. Seeing Theron flustered after h

Jun 25, 2016
Agatha - the real life of Agatha Christie by Martinetti, Anne.

Agatha - the real life of Agatha Christie

The life of Agatha Christie was as mysterious and eventful as her fiction. This beautifully illustrated graphic novel traces the life of the Queen of Whodunnit from her childhood in Torquay, England, through a career filled with success, mischief, and adventure, to her later years as Dame Agatha. Revealing a side to Christie that will surprise and delight many readers,Agatha introduces us to a free-spirited and thoroughly modern woman who, among other things, enjoyed flying, travel, and surfing.

Jun 24, 2016
Tokyo ghoul. 7 by Ishida, Sui, author, illustrator.

Tokyo ghoul. 7

Jun 24, 2016
Noragami - stray god. 15 by Adachi, Toka, author, illustrator.

Noragami - stray god. 15

"Tensions are high between Kazuma and Yukine´, but that doesn't stop Yato from wanting to go to his very first Divine Council. This council will include a matchmaking ceremony, where the gods choose soul mates for the mortals of Japan. What could this mean for Hiyori and her future husband?"--

Jun 24, 2016
Mysterious girlfriend X. 2 by Ueshiba, Riichi.

Mysterious girlfriend X. 2

"The Mystery Deepens" As the school year progresses and the seasons change, Tsubaki and Urabe's unusual relationship continues to grow and change as the two learn new things - both mysterious and mundane - about each other. Then one day Tsubaki discovers a popular idol who bears an uncanny resemblance to his girlfriend... -- cover

Jun 24, 2016
Master Keaton. 7 by Urasawa, Naoki, 1960- artist.

Master Keaton. 7

"When the wall that separated the East and West falls, the twentieth century comes to an end and brings radical changes to the world. During this turbulent time, Taichi Hiraga Keaton has difficulty finding a job in archaeology even though his long line of cases as an insurance investigator doesn't seem to end. As he navigates through dangerous adventures, Keaton encounters some bittersweet lives" -- page 1 of cover.

Jun 24, 2016
Dark night - a true Batman story by Dini, Paul, author.

Dark night - a true Batman story

In the 1990s, legendary writer Paul Dini had a flourishing career writing the hugely popular Batman: The Animated Series and Tiny Toon Adventures. Walking home one evening, he was jumped and viciously beaten within an inch of his life. His recovery process was arduous, hampered by the imagined antics of the villains he was writing for television including the Joker, Harley Quinn and the Penguin. But despite how bleak his circumstances were, or perhaps because of it, Dini also always imagined the

Jun 24, 2016
Fairy Tail. 54 by Mashima, Hiro, 1977- author, artist.

Fairy Tail. 54

NO WAY OUT Zeref|s 12 handpicked elites invade Magnolia from all four sides! First, Ajeel swoops in from the skies with a massive fleet in tow, only to be interrupted by Erza. The Desert King lives up to his title, and before long, Erza is swallowed up in darkness and despair by his overwhelming magic power. Meanwhile, back on land, Brandish makes an appearance in Lucy|s bathtub and an unimaginable turn of fate awaits them& In the face of such an unprecedented crisis, all of Fiore|s guilds are s

Jun 24, 2016
Goodnight Punpun. 2 by Asano, Inio, 1980-

Goodnight Punpun. 2

A Japanese manga written and illustrated by Inio Asano about Onodera Punpun, a normal child depicted in the form of a bird. The story follows him as he copes with his dysfunctional family and friends, his love interest, his oncoming adolescence and his hyperactive mind.

Jun 24, 2016
Archie giant comics blast. by

Archie giant comics blast.

A compilation of stories spanning Archie's 75-year history.

Jun 23, 2016
Mermin. Book three, Deep dive by Weiser, Joey, 1983- author, artist.

Mermin. Book three, Deep dive

No one knows much about Mer, the underwater kingdom where Mermin the merman was born, but due to a rising conflict with the people of Atlantis, Mermin is needed back home immediately. Which means his human friends get to see all the aquatic wonders of Mer. But once again, Mer is tight-lipped about his past--even when it is swimming right in front of him.

Jun 23, 2016
High school DxD. Volume 8 by Ishibumi, Ichiei, author.

High school DxD. Volume 8

Jun 23, 2016
High School DxD. Volume 6 by Ishibumi, Ichiei, author.

High School DxD. Volume 6

"The fight over the holy swords heats up, and so do Issei's passions! As devils, fallen angels, and agents of the church all vie for control of the stolen Excaliburs, devil sword user Kiba's hidden past comes to light! Friendships and hot-blooded lust collide in this mix of school romcom and fantasy games!!"--Page 4 of cover.

Jun 23, 2016
High school DxD. Volume 4 by Ishibumi, Ichiei, author.

High school DxD. Volume 4

Issei's on a rampage?! 'President Rias's virginity is gonna be mine!!' President Rias, the beautiful young devil, is betting her engagement on the outcome of a 'rating game, ' and Issei's joining the fight. Does he even stand a chance against Riser's harem team of devil girls?

Jun 23, 2016
High School DxD. Volume 3 by Ishibumi, Ichiei, author.

High School DxD. Volume 3

"Issei Hyoudou, recently brought back to life as a devil, works hard every day in pursuit of his ultimate goal--to become the 'Harem King'! Meanwhile, a handsome aristocrat, Riser Phoenix, makes his entrance, claiming to be engaged to President Rias ... Her reaction, though, is a surprise to all!"--Page 4 of cover.

Jun 23, 2016
High School DxD. Volume 2 by Ishibumi, Ichiei, author.

High School DxD. Volume 2

Jun 23, 2016
High school DxD. Asia & Koneko's secret contract!? by Ishibumi, Ichiei, author.

High school DxD. Asia & Koneko's secret contract!?

"The naturally clumsy Sister Asia and taciturn cutie Koneko form an unlikely pair as they head out to answer summons from humans with requests, but... can they really fulfill every desire?! The two little devil beauties get down to work in this spin-off of the megahit High School DxD" -- Unedited summary from the book.

Jun 23, 2016