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Bad machinery. Vol. 3, The case of the simple soul by Allison, John, 1976-

Bad machinery. Vol. 3, The case of the simple soul

When Tackleford's derelict barns begin going up in flames, Linton and Sonny are on the case with a moderately mysterious new friend. Paths cross, however, when Lottie and Mildred meet a terrifying yet misunderstood creature living beneath a bridge!

Mar 1, 2015
Bandette 2 - Stealers Keepers! by Tobin, Paul/ Coover, Coleen (ILT)

Bandette 2 - Stealers Keepers!

Mar 2, 2015
Bart Simpson blastoff by Groening, Matt, author.

Bart Simpson blastoff

Collects Simpsons comics that feature the exploits of Bart, including when he leads his school to the state eating competition, does his best not to embarrass Marge on Mothers Day, and learns a Kwik-E life lesson from Apu.

Mar 2, 2015
Bartman - the best of the best! by Groening, Matt.

Bartman - the best of the best!

More exciting than a new episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show. More valuable than compromising photos of Principal Skinner--it's the absolute best of Bartman! Featuring the cream of Springfield's villains in their most memorable battles with the spike-haired crusader. This collection capitalizes on the characteristic wit that has made the Simpsons and company into cartoon superstars.

Mar 2, 2015
Batman beyond 2.0. Volume one, Rewired by Higgins, Kyle, 1985- author.

Batman beyond 2.0. Volume one, Rewired

Batman Beyond 2.0 launches with a new direction for Terry McGinnis! Commissioner Barbara Gordon enlists Terry's help while investigating the death of Neo-Gotham's Mayor, which took place inside the new Arkham Institute. Was it really only a heart attack? Or was one of Arkham's infamous inmates responsible?

Mar 2, 2015
Black Science. Volume 2, Welcome, nowhere by Remender, Rick, author.

Black Science. Volume 2, Welcome, nowhere

In this second volume of the hit series, the Anarchist League of Scientists dives further into the Onion construct of reality than ever before, jumping wildly through worlds of wonder, fantastic beauty, and cosmic horrors. Beset on dangers from without and within, the team must learn to be a family if they're ever to survive and find their way home again.

Mar 2, 2015
Black Widow. Vol. 1, The finely woven thread by Edmondson, Nathan, author.

Black Widow. Vol. 1, The finely woven thread

Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow, is on a mission to atone for her past as a KGB assassin. Her methods are dirty, her heart is cold, but her work is flawless. On an undercover assignment in Russia, she finds that the Hand of God is reaching for her - and it's as merciless as its name. Outmatched by the brute force of this powerful new villain, Natasha discovers a deadly globe-spanning plot. It's a race against time, and the Widow has nowhere to turn for answers. The trail of blood and destructio

Mar 1, 2015
Black Widow. Vol. 2, The tightly tangled web by Edmondson, Nathan.

Black Widow. Vol. 2, The tightly tangled web

Widows are meant to work alone, But Natasha Romanoff's life is not so simple. On a snowy night in Prague, she finds the Winter Soldier by her side in the midst of disaster. And as Isaiah's London business turns complicated, Natasha finds herself fighting against-- or alongside?-- the Punisher for access to a deadly criminal network.

Mar 2, 2015
Bleach. 63, Here, fear, here by Kubo, Tite, author, artist.

Bleach. 63, Here, fear, here

Newly powerful Renji and Rukia join the battle between the Soul Reapers and the Quincies, but both wonder what the true purpose of the war is.

Mar 2, 2015
Breath of bones - a tale of the golem by Niles, Steve, author.

Breath of bones - a tale of the golem

A British plane crashes on the outskirts of a small Jewish town, drawing the attention of Nazi forces. To protect their homes and families, one man gives his life to create a creature of legend -- the golem. Following the orders of the man's grandson, the golem fights for the town and becomes a friend no one expected.

Mar 1, 2015
Buddha. 2, The four encounters by Tezuka, Osamu, 1928-1989.

Buddha. 2, The four encounters

A story about a biography of Shiddhartha, Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

Mar 2, 2015
Colonial comics. New England, 1620-1750 by

Colonial comics. New England, 1620-1750

Mar 2, 2015
Deadman Wonderland 8 by Kataoka, Jinsei/ Kondou, Kazuma (ILT)

Deadman Wonderland 8

Mar 2, 2015
Deadman Wonderland. 7 by Kataoka, Jinsei, author, illustrator.

Deadman Wonderland. 7

"Framed for the brutal murders of his classmates by the mysterious Red Man, middle school student Ganta Igarashi finds himself sentenced to death and sent to the bizarre and fatal theme park/prison that has risn from the ruins of the great Tokyo Earthquake-- a hell on earth known as 'Deadman Wonderland'"--Page 4 of cover.

Mar 2, 2015
Deadpool minibus by Bunn, Cullen, author.

Deadpool minibus

It all begins with a tale we could only call Daadpool kills the Marvel Universe. (Spoilers!) Imagine a world in which a deadly new voice pipes up inside Wade Wilson's head. A voice that drives him to murderize every other costumed hero and villain -- even the really popular ones, with actual movies! But this Deadpool's bloodlust doesn't stop there. Not when the Ideaverse is full of the fabled icons of classic literature -- you know, the ones your parents read about in books. And not when there a

Feb 26, 2015
Dogs are people, too - a collection of cartoons to make your tail wag by Coverly, Dave, author., artist.

Dogs are people, too - a collection of cartoons to make your tail wag

Over the years spent creating his nationally syndicated panel Speed Bump, Reuben Award-winning cartoonist Dave Coverly has seen trends in which themes are the most popular. The perennial favorite, though, is dogs. With categories like working dogs, techie dogs, badly behaving dogs, and profiles of dogs both famous and not-so-famous, this hilarious cartoon collection is perfect for animal lovers.

Mar 2, 2015
Fables 21 by Willingham, Bill/ Buckingham, Mark (ILT)

Fables 21

Mar 2, 2015
Fairy tail. 46 by Mashima, Hiro, 1977- author, illustrator.

Fairy tail. 46

"As the bloody battle against the Nine Demon Gates and their king Mard Geer engulfs all of Fairy Tail, the guild learns a terrible secret: the threat from Face, the magic pulse bomb, isn't over yet! Meanwhile, the ice demon slayer known as Silver faces off against Gray, and the bond that ties their fates together is revealed! The truth sends Gray from shivering terror into an icy rage, but what greater sadness waits in the fight ahead?"--Page 4 of cover.

Feb 26, 2015
Fairy tail. 47 by Mashima, Hiro, 1977- author.

Fairy tail. 47


Mar 2, 2015
Food Wars! 5 by Tsukuda, Yuto/ Saeki, Shun (ILT)

Food Wars! 5

Mar 2, 2015