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The life she wants by Carr, Robyn, author. The life she wants

In the aftermath of her financier husband's suicide, Emma Shay Compton's dream life is shattered. Richard Compton stole his clients' life savings to fund a lavish life in New York City and, although she was never involved in the business, Emma bears the burden of her husband's crimes. She is left with nothing. Only one friend stands by her, a friend she's known since high school, who encourages her to come home to Sonoma County. But starting over isn't easy and Sonoma is full of unhappy memories

Oct 21, 2016
The killing game by Bush, Nancy, 1953- author. The killing game

"Andi Wren is fighting to keep her late husband's company safe from vindictive competitors when she becomes the focus of a killer's warped game of revenge and murder"--

Oct 21, 2016
The inseparables by Nadler, Stuart, author. The inseparables

After the sudden death of her husband, 70-year-old Henrietta Olyphant is broke and unmoored. Her daughter Oona is mid-divorce. Meanwhile, Oona's teenager Lydia, away at boarding school, faces accusations involving a viral nude photo. In the wake of the upheaval, these tough, independent women find themselves under one roof. Together the three generations sift through the mess, and emerge renewed.

Oct 21, 2016
The hopefuls by Close, Jennifer, author. The hopefuls

"A young wife follows her husband and his political dreams to Washington D.C., a city of idealism, ambition and complicated friendships among young Washington's aspiring elite"--

Oct 22, 2016
The general vs. the president - MacArthur and Truman at the brink of nuclear war by Brands, H. W. The general vs. the president - MacArthur and Truman at the brink of nuclear war

Oct 24, 2016
The French chef in America - Julia Child's second act by Prud'homme, Alex, author. The French chef in America - Julia Child's second act

"Julia Child is synonymous with French cooking, but her legacy runs much deeper. Now, her great-nephew and My Life in France coauthor vividly recounts the myriad ways in which she profoundly shaped how we eat today. He shows us Child in the aftermath of the publication of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, suddenly finding herself America's first lady of French food and under considerable pressure to embrace her new mantle. We see her dealing with difficult colleagues and the challenges of fam

Oct 21, 2016
The final tap - a living history museum mystery by Flower, Amanda, author. The final tap - a living history museum mystery

Oct 22, 2016
The empress of Bright Moon - a novel of Empress Wu by Randel, Weina Dai, author. The empress of Bright Moon - a novel of Empress Wu

At the moment of the Emperor's death, everything changes in the palace. Mei, his former concubine, is free, and Pheasant, the heir and Mei's lover, is proclaimed as the new Emperor, heralding a new era in China. But just when Mei believes she's closer to her dream, Pheasant's chief wife, Lady Wang, powerful and unpredictable, turns against Mei and takes unthinkable measures to stop her. The power struggle that ensues will determine Mei's fate-- and that of China.

Oct 22, 2016
The diva serves high tea by Davis, Krista, author. The diva serves high tea

"When The Parlour opens up in town, domestic diva Sophie Winston finally has a place to satisfy her cravings for all things tea and crumpet related. And the shop serves as the perfect place for the ladies of the town to gather and gossip, especially since it s conveniently located right across the street from the new antique store run by the handsome and charming Robert Johnson. But speculation around Robert really boils over when he s found dead a victim of poisoning after attending a literacy

Oct 22, 2016
The devoted by Fisher, Suzanne Woods, author. The devoted

While restless Ruthie Stoltzfus hopes to leave her Amish community, newcomer Patrick Kelly tries to learn plain ways with Ruthie as his tutor so that he can convert to the faith, and Ruthie's cunning ex-boyfriend Luke Schrock works to win her back.

Oct 21, 2016
The cat, the collector and the killer by Sweeney, Leann, author. The cat, the collector and the killer

Oct 22, 2016
The case of the missing Morris dancer - A WISE Enquiries Agency mystery by Ace, Cathy, 1960- author. The case of the missing Morris dancer - A WISE Enquiries Agency mystery

"The Anwen Morris Dancers are to play a pivotal role in the imminent nuptials of Henry, eighteenth Duke of Chellingworth. But it looks as though the wedding plans might go awry unless Mavis, Annie, Carol and Christine can help Althea, the Dowager Duchess, by finding a missing Morris man and a set of ancient and valuable artefacts in time for her son's wedding. Anwen-by-Wye might look like an idyllic Welsh village where family values reign and traditions still mean something in a modern world, bu

Oct 21, 2016
The boys in the bunkhouse - servitude and salvation in the heartland by Barry, Dan, 1958- author. The boys in the bunkhouse - servitude and salvation in the heartland

Oct 22, 2016
The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain by Long, Kelly The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain

Oct 22, 2016
Table manners - how to behave in the modern world and why bother by Tower, Jeremiah, author. Table manners - how to behave in the modern world and why bother

Oct 22, 2016
Switchback by Dunlap, Susan, author. Switchback

"When her Zen teacher is attacked in front of her by a silent, hoodie-clad assailant, Darcy Lott feels uncharacteristically helpless. If she cannot identify Garson-roshi's attacker, she cannot protect him. For whoever it is will surely strike again. But who would have a reason to assault this wise and gentle man? As she questions her fellow students and other acquaintances of the Zen master, it becomes clear that Garson-roshi has been keeping secrets from Darcy. What happened while he was living

Oct 21, 2016
Sweet surprises by McCoy, Shirlee, author. Sweet surprises

"In Benevolence, Washington, the Lamont family's delectable handmade chocolates are a precious tradition--and always a reason to return home. And for the most rebellious of the three Lamont sisters, they provide a chance to create a tempting new future, complete with delicious happiness...Neighbors always ready to help, a laid-back pace--former model Brenna Lamont needs everything that once made her leave her hometown. To help her pregnant sister Addie, Brenna is back to run the family store, Ch

Oct 22, 2016
Sweet breath of memory by Cohen, Ariella, author. Sweet breath of memory

"Synopsis: With its tree-lined streets, vibrant downtown and curbside planters of spring bulbs, Amberley, Massachusetts, seems a good place for Cate Saunders to start over. It's been two years since her husband, John, was killed in Iraq and life has been a struggle. But when she meets a Holocaust survivor, Cate feels a deep connection and finds an unexpected way forward" --

Oct 22, 2016
Surprised by Joy by Lewis, C. S. Surprised by Joy

Oct 22, 2016
Still life by Penny, Louise, author. Still life

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache in Quebec is called to a tiny hamlet south of Montreal to investigate the suspicious hunting "accident" that claimed the life of a local fixture in the village.

Oct 18, 2016