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Dancing fish and ammonites - a memoir by Lively, Penelope, 1933-

Dancing fish and ammonites - a memoir

Apr 20, 2014
The daring ladies of Lowell by Alcott, Kate.

The daring ladies of Lowell

Apr 20, 2014
Death come quickly by Albert, Susan Wittig.

Death come quickly

Apr 20, 2014
Everybody's got something by Roberts, Robin, 1960- author.

Everybody's got something

The "Good Morning America" anchor shares the journey that has been her life so far and the lessons she learned along the way as she battled breast cancer and a rare blood disorder and dealt with the death of her mother.

Apr 20, 2014
Echoes of mercy by Sawyer, Kim Vogel.

Echoes of mercy

When Caroline Lang goes undercover at the Dinsmore Chocolate Factory, driven to reveal the horrors of child labor within, she crosses paths with the factory's owner, who has his own, altruistic point of view about employing children.

Apr 20, 2014
The Farm by Smith, Tom Rob

The Farm

Apr 20, 2014
A family affair by Michaels, Fern.

A family affair

Apr 20, 2014
Susanna's dream by Perry, Marta.

Susanna's dream

"As young girls, three Amish sisters were separated and told nothing about one another. When the long-held secret of their parentage came to light many years later, two of the grown women reconnected. Now they reach out to the third . . . Susanna Bitler's life is in complete turmoil. Still reeling from the death of her mother, she is further disheartened when her business partner hints that she is going to quit the gift shop they run together in a town near Pleasant Valley. But the biggest revel

Apr 20, 2014
Tempting fate by Green, Jane, 1968-

Tempting fate

Apr 20, 2014
The Spanish queen - a novel of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon by Erickson, Carolly, 1943-

The Spanish queen - a novel of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

When young Catherine of Aragon, proud daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, is sent to England to marry the weak Prince Arthur, she is unprepared for all that awaits her: early widowhood, the challenge of warfare with the invading Scots, and the ultimately futile attempt to provide the realm with a prince to secure the succession. She marries Arthur's energetic, athletic brother Henry, only to encounter fresh obstacles, chief among them Henry's infatuation with the alluring but wayward

Apr 20, 2014
Under magnolia - a southern memoir by Mayes, Frances.

Under magnolia - a southern memoir

Apr 20, 2014
Secrets on Cedar Key by DuLong, Terri, author.

Secrets on Cedar Key

"In the wake of her husband Andrew's sudden passing, there's nowhere Marin Kane would rather be than back on Cedar Key. Marin plans to run the needlepoint store next to her mother Dora's yarn shop, and settle once more into her tranquil hometown. Then a bombshell arrives: a secret daughter Andrew never revealed to anyone. Now nineteen, Fiona was the product of a summer affair Andrew had when he was out of town teaching - while Marin was home with their two small sons. All Fiona wants is a chance

Apr 20, 2014
Shadow spell by Roberts, Nora.

Shadow spell

Apr 20, 2014
Second-hand stiff - an Odelia Gray mystery by Jaffarian, Sue Ann, 1952-

Second-hand stiff - an Odelia Gray mystery

Apr 20, 2014
Return to Tradd Street by White, Karen (Karen S.)

Return to Tradd Street

"Melanie is only going through the motions of living since refusing Jack's marriage proposal. She misses him desperately, but her broken heart is the least of her problems. Despite an insistence that she can raise their child alone, Melanie is completely unprepared for motherhood, and she struggles to complete renovations on her house on Tradd Street before the baby arrives. When Melanie is roused one night by the sound of a ghostly infant crying, she chooses to ignore it. She simply does not ha

Apr 20, 2014
The storied life of A. J. Fikry by Zevin, Gabrielle.

The storied life of A. J. Fikry

Apr 20, 2014
Newtown - an American tragedy by Lysiak, Matthew.

Newtown - an American tragedy

Apr 20, 2014
The yellow eyes of crocodiles by Pancol, Katherine, 1949-

The yellow eyes of crocodiles

"Le Divorce meets The Elegance of the Hedgehog in this hilariously entertaining mega-bestseller from France - When her chronically unemployed husband runs off to start a crocodile farm in Kenya with his mistress, Josephine Cortes is left in an unhappy state of affairs. The mother of two-confident, beautiful teenage Hortense and shy, babyish Zoe-is forced to maintain a stable family life while making ends meet on her meager salary as a medieval history scholar. Meanwhile, Josephine's charismatic

Apr 20, 2014
The Lincoln Myth by Berry, Steve

The Lincoln Myth

Apr 20, 2014
Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty by Keaton, Diane

Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty

Apr 20, 2014