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The terra-cotta dog by Camilleri, Andrea.

The terra-cotta dog

Montalbano's latest case begins with a mysterious te^te a` te^te with a Mafioso, some inexplicably abandoned loot from a supermarket heist, and dying words that lead him to an illegal arms cache in a mountain cave. There, the inspector finds two young lovers, dead for fifty years and still embracing, watched over by a life-sized terra-cotta dog. Montalbano's passion to solve this old crime takes him on a journey through Sicily's past and into one family's darkest secrets.

Mar 2, 2015
Tear down and die by Slan, Joanna Campbell, author.

Tear down and die

While on a trip to her grandfather's home on the picturesque Treasure Coast of Florida, empty-nester Cara Mia Delgatto impulsively snaps up an abandoned building, only to discover it's already occupied by a fresh corpse. While a murder investigation swirls around her, and she works to open a store specializing in recycled and repurposed decor items, she bumps into an old boyfriend who claims to still love her, but whose affection just might be a ploy to save himself from a murder plea.

Mar 2, 2015
The shape of water by Camilleri, Andrea.

The shape of water

The first English translation of the best-selling international mystery series follows Sicilian detective Inspector Montalbano as he investigates the suspicious death of an engineer who had made a name for himself in a small town.

Mar 2, 2015
A root awakening - a flower shop mystery by Collins, Kate, 1951- author.

A root awakening - a flower shop mystery

"When her new husband, Marco, is hired to find the person responsible for pushing a construction worker to his death while restoring the dilapidated Victorian they were thinking about buying, flower shop owner Abby Knight launches her own secret investigation, which blossoms into a disaster."--

Mar 2, 2015
Kicked to the curb by Slan, Joanna Campbell, author.

Kicked to the curb

The media event that Cara plans turns nasty when reporter Kathy Simmons threatens to share unsavory details from the shopkeeper's past. Things get really dicey when Kathy mysteriously disappears. Cara's other problems seem trivial in comparison to...a murder investigation!

Mar 2, 2015
Someone to watch over me - a thriller by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, author.

Someone to watch over me - a thriller

"A young man with Down's Syndrome has been convicted of burning down his assisted living facility and killing five people, but a fellow inmate at his secure psychiatric unit has hired Thora to prove Jakob is innocent. If he didn't do it, who did? And how is the multiple murder connected to the death of a young woman, killed in what was supposed to be a hit-and-run?" --

Mar 2, 2015
Ladle to the grave by Archer, Connie, author.

Ladle to the grave

"When her grandfather's concoction for a pagan celebration results in the death of one of the attendees, soup-shop owner Lucky Jamieson, while helping her best friend discover the identity of a dead man she found on her property, stirs up trouble as she tries to clear her grandfather's name."--

Mar 2, 2015
Murder on the Champ de Mars by Black, Cara, 1951-

Murder on the Champ de Mars

Struggling to run her business and care for her newborn, sleep-deprived Aime´e Leduc reluctantly takes the case of a French Gypsy boy whose dying mother has been kidnapped by adversaries who would hide a dangerous secret about Aime´e's murdered father.

Mar 2, 2015
Suspendered sentence by Bradford, Laura, author.

Suspendered sentence

"After the Stoltzfus barn catches fire, Claire is awed by the response of the community. Hundreds of Amish men gather together to raise a new barn for the family in a matter of days. But in the midst of the work, a human skeleton is unearthed. Found with the remains is half of a friendship bracelet last seen on Sadie Lehman, an Amish teen long believed to have left her strict upbringing for the allure of English ways. Now Detective Jakob Fisher--once a member of the Amish community himself--is d

Mar 2, 2015
Mrs. Jeffries and the one who got away by Brightwell, Emily, author.

Mrs. Jeffries and the one who got away

"Old sins cast long shadows. Normally dead bodies in a graveyard are buried--but not this one. When a woman is found strangled in a North London cemetery with an old newspaper clipping clutched in her hand, Inspector Witherspoon is surprised to find that he and the victim have crossed paths before. Mrs. Robinson was a respectable widow who ran a quiet Islington lodging house. None of her lodgers have any apparent motive to murder their landlady. But nagging suspicions are lodging in the Inspecto

Mar 2, 2015
Mystery of the dinner playhouse by Befeler, Mike.

Mystery of the dinner playhouse

"When a staged murder at a mystery dinner playhouse turns into a real poisoning death, recently retired detective Gabe Tremont is called back to solve the crime and discovers the playhouse director, the cast and a spy from a competing theater all have reasons to want the murdered man dead" --

Mar 2, 2015
A woman unknown by Brody, Frances, author.

A woman unknown

"The woman unknown: Deirdre Fitzpatrick is married to a man who wants to know where she really goes when supposedly taking care of her sick mother and calls on the expertise of Kate Shackleton, amateur sleuth extraordinaire to investigate. The gentleman: Everett Runcie is a banker facing ruin and disgrace. His American heiress wife will no longer pay for his mistakes, or tolerate his infidelity, and is seeking a divorce. The murder: When a chambermaid enters Runcie's hotel room, she is shocked t

Mar 2, 2015
Innocent graves - a novel of suspense by Robinson, Peter, 1950-

Innocent graves - a novel of suspense

The murder of a teenage girl incites hatred, a shocking travesty of justice, and the devastation of a community in this chilling classic from the international bestselling author of "Close to Home."

Mar 2, 2015
Sidetracked by Collins, Brandilyn.


"Thirty-four-year-old Delanie Miller has fled her dark past and is now settled into a quiet life in small-town Redbud, Kentucky. She has friends, a faux "family" who lives in her house, and a loving boyfriend who may soon ask her to marry him. Her aching dream of a husband and future children are about to come true. But protecting this life of promise means keeping a low profile and guarding the truth of her past-from everyone."--

Mar 2, 2015
How to catch a cat by Hale, Rebecca M.

How to catch a cat

A serial killer with a peculiar penchant for City Hall interns is on the loose in San Francisco, and it's up to me--and my two cats, Rupert and Isabella--to put a stop to the spree. Unfortunately, worrying about my uncle Oscar's failing health and assisting with the interim mayor's America's Cup regatta doesn't leave me with much opportunity to chase down clues.

Mar 2, 2015
Hush, hush by Lippman, Laura, 1959- author.

Hush, hush

Taking a case that challenges her busy schedule, Tess Monaghan and new partner, Sandy Sanchez, assess the security needs of an imperious Baltimore woman whose family reunion is overshadowed by a violent stalker

Mar 2, 2015
With baited breath - a lotus bay mystery by Bartlett, L. L. (Lorraine L.)

With baited breath - a lotus bay mystery

Tori Cannon and her grandfather, Herb return from her grandmother's funeral, and it's with sadness that she learns the bait ship and small motel they ran has fallen on hard times. Jammed into one of the motel's units is the body of one of Herb's customers, his mouth filled with spikes. The victim has no enemies, except for maybe the rich woman who wanted to level his eyesore of a home. But he also had a daughter who's resentful her father wasn't a major force in her life, and some friends who we

Mar 2, 2015
Whispering shadows - a novel by Sendker, Jan-Philipp, author.

Whispering shadows - a novel

Mar 2, 2015
The Sudden Arrival of Violence by Mackay, Malcom

The Sudden Arrival of Violence

Mar 2, 2015
Running with wild blood by Finger, Gerrie Ferris.

Running with wild blood

"Recruited to investigate a cold-case murder when a key witness suddenly gets back his memory, Moriah Dru tackles difficult complications when the victim's father takes things into his own hands and winds up dead."--

Mar 2, 2015