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The silence of the lambs by Harris, Thomas, 1940-

The silence of the lambs

FBI trainee Clarise Starling is assigned to interview a brilliant, imprisoned psychopathic killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She needs him to bring in a psychotic serial killer.

Jul 9, 2014
The Second Deadly Sin by Larsson, Asa/ Thompson, Laurie (TRN)

The Second Deadly Sin

Jul 9, 2014
The sea-grape tree - a novel by Royes, Gillian, 1947-

The sea-grape tree - a novel

"In the third book of The Shad Series, locals and visitors get caught up in a complicated love triangle while class divisions complicate Shadrack Myers' goal to gain status in Largo Bay, creating a perfect storm of problems for the Jamaican village's intrepid bartender to solve"--

Jul 9, 2014
The Scent of Death by Rowlands, Betty

The Scent of Death

Jul 9, 2014
The rest is silence - a Billy Boyle World War II mystery by Benn, James R.

The rest is silence - a Billy Boyle World War II mystery

Jul 9, 2014
The reckoning - a novel by Airth, Rennie, 1935-

The reckoning - a novel

"The Second World War has ended, leaving a bruised and fragile peace. But this tranquillity is threatened when a shocking murder takes place in the Sussex countryside. Before long, police experts discover a link to another, earlier, killing hundreds of miles away ...While Scotland Yard detective Billy Styles struggles to find a link between these two murders, a strange twist of fate brings former Detective Inspector John Madden into the investigations. As the victim count rises it becomes clear

Jul 9, 2014
The outsider by Hunt, Arlene, author.

The outsider

Jul 9, 2014
The night searchers by Muller, Marcia.

The night searchers

When she is hired to investigate devil worshippers performing human sacrifices in San Francisco, private detective Sharon McCone discovers what her clients are really up to and goes undercover to find the truth.

Jul 9, 2014
The marriage at the Rue Morgue by Powell, Jessie Bishop.

The marriage at the Rue Morgue

Jul 6, 2014
The lost abbot - the nineteenth chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew by Gregory, Susanna, 1958-

The lost abbot - the nineteenth chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew

Matthew Bartholomew doesn't want to travel to Peterborough in the summer of 1358, but his friendship with the lovely Julitta Holm has caused a scandal in Cambridge, so he has no choice. He is one of a party of Bishop's Commissioners, charged to discover what happened to Peterborough's abbot, who went for a ride one day and has not been seen since. A feisty rabble-rouser is encouraging the poor to rise up against their overlords, the abbey is at war with a powerful goldsmith and his army of merce

Jul 9, 2014
The long way home - a Chief Inspector Gamache novel by Penny, Louise.

The long way home - a Chief Inspector Gamache novel

Enjoying a peaceful retirement, former Quebec homicide detective Armand Gamache reluctantly agrees to help a neighbor search for her missing estranged husband and teams up with two former colleagues on a search that reveals the workings of a damaged mind.

Jul 9, 2014
The Lazarus Curse by Harris, Tessa

The Lazarus Curse

Jul 9, 2014
The late scholar - the new Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane mystery by Paton Walsh, Jill, 1937-

The late scholar - the new Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane mystery

Jul 9, 2014
The last heir - a Jack MacTaggart mystery by Greaves, Chuck.

The last heir - a Jack MacTaggart mystery

"Monsieur Giroux is not a happy man. Of course, who could be happy while discussing the death of their son? Without an heir, his Chateau Giroux winery in California will be inherited by another family member, its grapes plowed under to make way for a lucrative real estate deal. Yet Giroux believes that his son may still be alive and hires MacTaggart to investigate. In The Last Heir, the third entry in the Shamus Award-nominated series of Jack MacTaggart legal mysteries, author (and sometimes vig

Jul 9, 2014
The Keeper by Delaney, Luke

The Keeper

Jul 9, 2014
The iron sickle by Limón, Martin, 1948-

The iron sickle

Jul 9, 2014
The good suicides - a thriller by Hill, Antonio, 1966-

The good suicides - a thriller

"After a company retreat in a remote country house, senior employees of Alemany Cosmetics return with a dark secret. They've each received an anonymous, menacing email of only two words: 'never forget.' What's worse, the message is accompanied by a nightmarish photo attachment showing the bodies of dogs hung to death from a tree near the very same farm estate they just visited. When they begin killing themselves, one by one, the connection between the shocking photos and the suicides baffles Bar

Jul 9, 2014
The Good Know Nothing - A California Century Mystery by Kuhlken, Ken

The Good Know Nothing - A California Century Mystery

Jul 9, 2014
The frozen dead by Minier, Bernard.

The frozen dead

"In a snowbound valley, deep in the French Pyrenees, a dark story of madness and revenge is unfolding. The first victim is a horse: its headless, flayed body hangs suspended from the edge of a frozen cliff. On the same day as the gruesome discovery takesplace, Diane Berg, a young psychiatrist starts her first job at a high security asylum for the criminally insane, just a few miles away. She is baffled by the slightly unorthodox methods the asylums's director uses, and then greatly alarmed when

Jul 9, 2014
The Extinction Of Snow by Lightfoot, Frederick, author.

The Extinction Of Snow

I am sacred. Comfot [sic] me. The death of her son Joseph in mysterious circumstances in France has sent Louise Tennant spiralling into grief so desperate she feels she is going mad. His last cryptic email to her before he is killed plays on her mind: she must find out what happened to him. Angry and self-absorbed, Louise has always alienated those she loves, including Joseph, a researcher for a drugs company. Now guilt and grief drive her on into a darkening world where the people she confronts

Jul 9, 2014