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The last man - a novel by Buffa, Dudley W., 1940- The last man - a novel

Judge Walter Bannister becomes more obsessed with understanding what drives people to murder. As he presides over case after case of homocide he begins to wonder what it would be like to kill someone.

Oct 20, 2016
The mistletoe murder - and other stories by James, P. D., author. The mistletoe murder - and other stories

Oct 22, 2016
The moth catcher by Cleeves, Ann, author. The moth catcher

"Life seems perfect in Valley Farm, a quiet community in Northumberland. Then a shocking discovery shatters the silence. The owners of a big country house have employed a house-sitter to look after the place while they're away. But he is found dead by the side of the lane into the valley. DI Vera Stanhope arrives on the scene with her detectives Holly and Joe. When they look round the attic of the big house, Vera finds the body of a second man. As Vera is drawn into the claustrophobic world of t

Oct 20, 2016
The murder of a queen bee by Lester, Meera. The murder of a queen bee

Oct 21, 2016
The Twelve dogs of Christmas by Rosenfelt, David, author. The Twelve dogs of Christmas

"Defense lawyer Andy Carpenter usually tries to avoid taking on new cases at all costs. But this time, he's happy--eager, even--to take the case that's just come his way. Andy's long-time friend Martha "Pups" Boyer takes in stray puppies that the local dog rescue center can't handle, raises them until they're old enough to adopt, and then finds good homes for them. Not everyone admires the work Pups does as much as Andy does, however. With Christmas just around the corner, one of Pups's neighbor

Oct 18, 2016
This pen for hire - a Jaine Austen mystery by Levine, Laura, 1943- This pen for hire - a Jaine Austen mystery

"No one needs [Jaine's] help more than geeky, gawky Howard Murdoch. His request is simple enough: a letter proclaiming his undying love for Stacy Lawrence, a gorgeous aerobics instructor. The fact that he's never actually met the woman gives Jaine pause--yet she soon overcomes her misgivings, and the unlikely Romeo lands a date. But his triumph is short-lived. On Valentine's Day, Howard finds Stacy bludgeoned to death with a Thigh Master--and is quickly named the prime suspect"--Page 4 of cover.

Oct 23, 2016
Too hot to handel - another John Pickett Mystery by South, Sheri Cobb, author. Too hot to handel - another John Pickett Mystery

To prevent a jewel theft, John Pickett poses as a gentleman with Julia, Lady Fieldhurst, with whom he has accidently contracted a marriage, but when John is struck on the head and the theft occurs, Julia is the one who must catch the culprit.

Oct 22, 2016
Trace by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Trace

Dr. Kay Scarpetta returns to Richmond, Virginia from freelancing in South Florida at the request of the recently appointed Chief Medical Examiner to solve the murder of a 14-year-old girl, but she finds that nothing is as she left it. Her former lab is being demolished; the chief isn't really the one who requested her; her former assistant chief has has personal problems that he refuses to reveal; and a glamorous FBI agent meddles with the case.

Oct 22, 2016
Treachery in death by Robb, J. D., 1950- Treachery in death

Investigating the senseless killing of an elderly man by three drug-addled punks, Peabody tackles the case as a new primary detective before stumbling on an operation by two corrupt fellow officers who have just committed a murder.

Oct 22, 2016
Triple crown - a Dick Francis novel by Francis, Felix, author. Triple crown - a Dick Francis novel

Asked by the U.S. FACSA to find a mole who has been passing on information to those under suspicion in American horse racing, British Horseracing Authority investigator Jeff Hinkley participates in a raid on a corrupt trainer's barn before three Kentucky Derby contenders become suspiciously ill.

Oct 20, 2016
Waking up dead by Williams, Nigel, 1948- author. Waking up dead

"Retired bank manager George Pearmain is, apparently, dead. According to the behavior of everyone around him, it would seem that he is no more. Not only that, but his mother has also passed away too - and on the eve of her 99th year, poor dear. Not only that, it could be that they were both murdered. He feels fine otherwise. As George's family gather for the birthday-celebration-that-never-was, he hovers around the house, watching and listening, entirely unseen. As a result, he makes all sorts o

Oct 21, 2016
We Wish You a Murderous Christmas by Delany, Vicki We Wish You a Murderous Christmas

Oct 22, 2016
What gold buys - a silver rush mystery by Parker, Ann, 1952- author. What gold buys - a silver rush mystery

"Autumn, 1880, in the Rocky Mountains brings frost, snow, and the return of Inez Stannert to Leadville, Colorado, where she is one of three partners in the Silver Queen Saloon. Her undisputed reign is going to be challenged by her roving husband, Mark, who returns with her. The third owner, African-American Abe Jackson, is defiitely worried about harnessing this volatile pair to the business, especially as Mark seems bent on wooing back his wife." --

Oct 20, 2016
Without mercy by Bass, Jefferson, author. Without mercy

"Bill Brockton has spent twenty-five years solving brutal murders-- but none so bizarre and merciless as his latest case: A ravaged set of skeletal remains is found chained to a tree on a remote mountainside. As Brockton and his assistant Miranda dig deeper, they uncover warning signs of a deadly eruption of hatred and violence. But the shocking case is only the beginning of Brockton's trials. Mid-case, the unthinkable happens: The deadliest criminal Brockton has ever foiled-- the sadistic seria

Oct 20, 2016